Kahuna Mens Leather Cuff Watch KUC-0055G

Kahuna Mens Leather Cuff Watch KUC-0055G

Amazon.es Price: 39,00 (Fecha 05/06/2020 16:33 PST- Detalles)


A fashionable and sturdy watch by Kahuna, this is a comfortable watch that functions to a high capacity serving you well in business, travel and everyday use.
This watch is an puro gift for him.

Product Features:
* Quartz movement.
* White dial.
* White leather wide cuff strap.

Strap Measurements:
This watch fastens with a buckle on any of the 7 holes.
* Length from one end of strap till other end: 25cm.
* Length when fastened on tightest hole: 16cm.
* Length when fastened on loosest hole: 21.5cm.

Also comes with:
* Presentation box/pouch.
* 1 years manufacturers guarantee.